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Meet Emma!  A 3 year old Black and Tan non spayed Female

We have decided to make Emma available to a loving companion home because We recently had Emma's hips and elbows x-rayed and our vet concluded that she does have mild hip dysplasia in one hip and elbow dysplasia on one elbow. She does not require surgery but she does need an owner that is aware of the condition and is dedicated to keeping Emma in the best physical condition possible in order to minimize the symptoms she may show when shes older. She does not show any lameness and doesn't limp. She needs to kept lean and be on glucosamine and chondroitin supplements to cushion her joints and prevent inflammation.

Her new home would ideally have at the most only one other male large breed dog. Emma loves attention and will need individual time and consistent training to help her adapt to her new family's lifestyle. 

if you are interested in Emma please contact us by email

We very rarely have adult dogs available for re homing. We have been lucky enough to find amazing and dedicated homes for our puppies the first time around. When one does become available it can be because of many reasons; such as the owner no longer has time for the dog, the owners living situation is changing, or because the owner did not properly train or socialize the puppy and now its to much for them to handle. None of these reasons are the dogs fault and they usually do amazing in a new home and bond very quickly to new owners.  We will take a puppy or dog back at any point in its lifetime to make sure he or she is getting the best care possible.   

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