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the EXPLORER Litter

Dora whelped 7 puppies on December 6th 2016; 4 females and 3 males.


***All of Dora's puppies are in their forever homes*** 


Welcome to the Family

**Birth-1st Week

Two weeks

Five Weeks

It was finally warm enough for the puppies to go outside for a little while today. 

Taking a nap in the kithen after playing outside today.

We eat solid food now, we still like to nurse from mom but she has started to wean us because of our sharp teeth. 



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Melana's Pandora V Barick 

  • All of our puppies come with a 2 year guarantee against heritable conditions and crippling hip dysplasia.

  • All details of the sale will be included in our contract.

  • Click here to fill out our puppy application

  • A copy of our contract will be emailed to you after we contact you to review your application. 

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